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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sakura how beautiful!

Sakura means "Cherry blossoms"[1].
It's a symbol of spring. Almost of all japanese love this flower, so sometimes people name their daughters "Sakura".
The almost of all weather reports tell us a "Sakura" front everyday in this season. We need to take care the reports because Sakura will fall soon(between one and two weeks).

Of course, I love Sakura, too. It's really beatiful. And in this season, we can find this flower anywhere ... even in the center of Tokyo.

The picture is a few Sakura in front of my office.
It's not been full blossom yet. But it will be full blossom this weekend. So I think a lot of people go HANAMI(drinking, eating under Sakura) this weekend. me? why not!?

[1] Strictly speaking, "Sakura" means "cherry" tree.

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