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Saturday, September 02, 2006

[food] Shabu-shabu

Do you know "Shabu-shabu" ?
It's a kind of hot pot with thin sliced beef, very delicious ;) but expensive :-<. Yesterday, we went to "Mi-mi-u" to eat Shabu-shabu. It's so wonderful night ;).

At first, you put the vesitables into the hot-spot.

Do you notice the spoon was made with shell and carots are cut as the flower shape?

Then, put the beaf and keep it in the soup while it's boided. You can adjust it between rare and welldone as you like.

The beaf is "Shimo-huri". "Shimo-huri" means "covered with frost".
In this case, "frost" means grease (lard? suet? fat?) .
It's soft, sweet ...., realy good. the fault is it's expensive :-<.

You may think it's not good for your health. I agree with you. You shouldn't eat so many slices... if you can stop it;).

The name of the restrant is "Mi-mi-u". "Mi" means "beatiful". and "u" means "rabbit". So the rabbits are used in some dishes.


  • Ah, I have to cook shabu-shabu & write a paper in group for next week's final exam. Can you help me with some infos?

    By Blogger IceLantern, at 7:41 PM  

  • Will you cook shabu-shabu as an exam ?

    What kind of the curriculum is it!?

    Anyway, Shabu-shabu is really easy to cook.

    Put some water in a pot and boil it, then put vesitables in the pot.

    At last, put the sliced beaf or pork in the boiled water about 5~10 seconds, then eat it. That's all!

    By Blogger Masao, at 7:58 PM  

  • Ah, that's for Nihon shoku bunka class^^ is that weird? Our sensei wanted us to cook japanese dish since day one & the campus administration office has accepted our proposal~

    Yes, we have tried to cook it at our sensei' house.....we even have had 2 Nihonjin tried it.

    Is there any concept behind the food. the cooking style, the dining style? We have to write a paper about shabu-shabu & have to include the harmony, nutritional balance, wabi & sabi concept, etc.

    If you know about it, plese enlighten me..

    By Blogger IceLantern, at 2:16 PM  

  • Concept ? Hmm, I don't know it well because I just eat it :-).

    Wikipedia seems nice an article about Shabu-Shabu.


    By Blogger Masao, at 12:54 AM  

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