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Sunday, August 12, 2007

[culture] Hitori de dekirumon (dance)

This video is a Japanese TV program. It's a kind of a dance competition.
I'm a fan of "Hitori de dekirumon(means he can do it by himself)".
So I took up his dance here.

I think "Hitori de dekirumon" is not only a good dancer but also a good entertainer. Especially, the music which he remixed for his dance are really match with his dance. So we can enjoy his dance unless knowledge of the dance techniques.

The 8 years child Tatsuki is his student. He is so cute, isn't he?
This was the first stage "Hitori de dekirumon" didn't dance alone. So they surprised when the child comes on the stage first.

You can find some other dances of "Hitori de dekirumon" on the Check it out!


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