Mt.Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kanda-river and Sakura

The Sakura is more beautiful than yesterday!

This picture is Sakura the side of Kanda river near from my office.

Do you know what's the article which looks like a ball of rugby football with red stripe of the right side of the river?

It's "Chochin" which is a japanese traditional lamp.

You can find one of the biggest one at Kaminarimon in Asakusa.

Sakura how beautiful!

Sakura means "Cherry blossoms"[1].
It's a symbol of spring. Almost of all japanese love this flower, so sometimes people name their daughters "Sakura".
The almost of all weather reports tell us a "Sakura" front everyday in this season. We need to take care the reports because Sakura will fall soon(between one and two weeks).

Of course, I love Sakura, too. It's really beatiful. And in this season, we can find this flower anywhere ... even in the center of Tokyo.

The picture is a few Sakura in front of my office.
It's not been full blossom yet. But it will be full blossom this weekend. So I think a lot of people go HANAMI(drinking, eating under Sakura) this weekend. me? why not!?

[1] Strictly speaking, "Sakura" means "cherry" tree.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Shou-yu sashi

This is my "Shou-yu sashi". Shou-yu sashi is the bottle of Shou-yu(Soy sauce).

A smiling cat and the japanese text on his stomach says "I'm so happy!"

Sooooo cute, isn't it?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

1 fuji 2 taka 3 nasubi

Hi everyone!

This is the my first post to

I post here about Japanese (sub)cultures and my own life.

OK, why "Mt.Fuji, a hawk and an eggplant" ?

I get the title from a japanese old story:
"If you can watch these things in your dream at 2nd January,
you can get good luck in the year."