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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Zoukei Kanban for your shop

If you have a shop like as a restrant and you want to attract attension, I recommand to put Zoukei Kanban(the plastic arts sign) in front of your shop.

POP Kougei
is a company which produce their Zoukei Kanban.

This picture is one of their products. How huge Maguro(tuna) is! I think you can imagine it's a sign of a Sushi restrant easily ;).

Their other products are:
product1, product2, product3, product4, product5, product6, all of other products.
And also their blog reports their new products in progress. It's really interesting.

Are there anyone who try it ? ;)

How can I say this kind of arts/sign in English ?
I couldn't find good one, so I expressed it as "the plastic arts sign" but I think it's not correct.

OTOKOMAE Tofu in English

I found OTOKOMAE Tofu has been updated and English version are available now.

Check their "Products". Really cool!

If you love it, you can also download the pitctures.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Digital camera over 10 megapixel images

According to Nikkei PC online, CASIO announced "EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z1000" will be out at the last ten days of May.

It has 10.1 megapixel images but compact, and surprisingly, the price will be approximately 50,000 yen! (not so expensive!)

On the other hand, it requires 4.2MB/picture. Hmm, it's too large. We need to buy large memory cards - may be expensive.

BTW, when I take pictures for this blog, I use my mobile phone which has just 1 megapixel images digital camera.
It's very convenient for me but 1/10 pixel images against EX-Z1000 :-<.

Fancy erasers

When I was in an elementary school, "super car" erasers were popular among boys.
We collected them and exchange our collection each other, though no one used them as erasers ;).

Now, the fancy erasers have been evolved. Yes, this picture is an eraser!
Iwako factory is a company specialized to produce fancy erasers.
I think this is one of the new category of the art. They are so cute ;).

If you're interested in it, check the anchors below:
Cake, Cake2, Cake3, Cake4, Foods, Foods2, Vegitables, Japanese sweets, Chinese foods, Milks, Instant noodles, Flogs and ducks, Animals, Dogs, Flower and cookwares, balls and toys, stationery

I don't know why ... but there are so many variations of foods :).
I'm afraid children eat these erasers.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Butler cafe

"Maid cafe" has started at Akihabara and become popular and spread in Japan. There are Waitress who cosplayed maid(anime, manga style girls) ... and almost of all gests are OTAKU guys and a few tourists ... OMG!
It's hard to understand why this kind of cafe become so popular with my old-style brain, but an article of today surprise me again. It's reported about new style cafe - "Shitsuji-Kissa(Butler cafe)".

Yes, you may imagine it easily if you understand about maid cafe once.
It's the cafe opposite version from Maid. Butlers serve dishes.
However, the gests aren't OTAKUs, but young ladies!

The article says, the cafe owner recruits men over 60 years old as a butler.
Oh, I need to wait over 20 years to work there. I hope it will become popular, too ;).

Sunday, April 16, 2006

1024 mass game generator

Wow, it's so cool!

"1024 Ouen-dan(a cheering party)" creates a mass game image of 32x32 students from your image file.

* Set your image file path to the text box for uploading.
* Click the button bottom of text box in Japanese.
* Wait for a moment (it takes a few seconds)
* Uploaded image will removed from server in a few minutes.
* Don't upload big file, please.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Tofu is well-known, traditional, healty food.
It comes from China in eighth century and it's been eaten for a long time.

We really love it. We eat Tofu frequently.
Nabe, Miso-soup, Hiya-yakko, ... We have a lot of menu which use Tofu.

Recently, a Japanese Tofu manufacturer grows up and succeed their new brand "OTOKOMAE Tofu". It is really good taste .... and it was a record-breaking hit.

I like the name "OTOKO-MAE". it means ... hmm difficult. It may be "good-looking guy", "realy nice guy", "the man of the men" and "true man"(this translation may be bad...). It's really funky.
And also the site is really cool. It's be a flash and the sound is good. I think you can understand what's OTOKO-MAE ;).

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

FT - "The most beautiful in the world" female type humanoid robot with Monroe walk

According to PC Watch(Japanese), ROBO GARAGE(a venture business of Kyoto university) announce their new robot "FT".
"FT" means "Female Type", it walks like female models.

Check the movies below!

She's so cute, isn't she?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2channel - the largest BBS in Japanese

2channel is the largest BBS in Japanese.
You can post there as a anonymous ... it means you can post everything what you want.
So it becomes a lawless area and there were many flame wars, announcement of suicides, slander persons, accusations, ...
Sometimes those things become serious social issues.

On the other hands, it creates new sub-culture - their own dialect, ascii arts, joke flash movies, good stories, News, ...

I intend to introduce japanese internet culture on this blog, that's why I wrote this entry. Already, we've not able to describe Japanese internet culture unless 2channel. Sometimes it will be appeared on this blog.

See Wikipedia/2channel for more details.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Today's Sakura

Sakura is falling now. It will be changed from cherry brossoms to green leaves for few days.
I like this season very much because all things becomes brighter.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Origami Project is the one of the new projects of Microsoft - to create "Ultra-Mobile PC".

I don't know UMPC is good or not, but I look on the project favorably because the name and concept are taken from Japanese ;).

The“Origami”project really started with a concept called “Haiku.”
I named the concept "Haiku" (with help from my wife) in the spirit of the poetry form – simply, elegant, expressive.

Do you know Origami?
It's a japanese traditional paper folding. See Wikipedia for more details.

If you think to try Origami, I introduce Origami club. There is a lot of Origami and explanations with animtaion. You can learn it easily.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

73 people drank too much at hanami and were rushed to hospitals in Tokyo

According to Yomiuri news, 73 people drank too much at hanami partyparties(drinking under Sakura) and were rushed to hospitals between March 21 and April 2... only for 13days in Tokyo.

20's are 27 people, 30's are 16 and 10's are 5. 57 males, and 16 females.

And 8 people of them become acute alcoholism needed to admit to hospitals.

Hmm. Sometimes we drink too much.

Me? I can't drink alchol... I don't know it's either lucky or unlucky.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A brandnew dish

I bought small dishes today.

This is one of them ... a pretty cat dish.

I think she becomes a good friend of my shouyu-sashi ;).

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Everywhere Sakura!

Today, I went to go Sakura watching. There are so many people who do hanami, and take pictures of Sakura ... like me ;).

There are Sakura pictures at Hikarigaoka Park.

There are lots of people do HANAMI at the park.

A road was covered Sakura.