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Saturday, August 25, 2007

[CD] Guilty Pleasures / ALLISTER (2006)

This album is a cover album of Japanese songs by Allister.

The choice of Japanese songs are good and Tim(vo)'s pronounce is very well.

1. Intro: JR(Japan rails)'s starting bell(may be Yamanote line).
2. Spitz - Cherry: My best. Really good pop punk song.
3. Mr.Big - To be with you: In Japan this song is well known. Paul Gilbert's wife is Japanese and he lived in Japan once... just an aside
6. Naotaro Moriyama - Sakura: Good. Original song is a ballad and I like it. But this pop punk arrange version is also good.

BTW, I found a A funny video "ALLiSTER's Japanese advert" on youtube.


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